Caring for your Oak Chopping Board

Your Oak Chopping Board has amazing natural  anti-bacterial & self healing properties, but needs to be cared for to maintain optimal performance.   

TLC For Your Board

NEVER NEVER leave your Real Oak Chopping Board in standing water - either on the worktop or in a basin (and never put them in a dishwasher).  Your board will acquire scores and cuts from use and can be periodically re-sanded, oiled and waxed every couple of years.  Being natural Oak, the board will re-act with the atmosphere and the grain may open and close dependant upon environmental changes; regular oiling and waxing is essential to make sure that the board does not dry out.          


  • Do wash the board with warm soapy water.

  • Do oil the board regularly – you can not cause any damage by over-oiling.

  • Do store the board on a flat surface (not on its edge).



  • DO NOT leave items such as cheese on the board for long periods as the moisture can get into the wood and stains may develop.

  • DO NOT leave items made from steel, such as food cans, on the board for long periods as the steel may react with the wood causing stains to develop – stainless steel is not an issue.

  • DO NOT immerse the board in water or wash it in a dishwasher.

  • DO NOT subject the board to significant changes in temperature, e.g. by placing it on a stove or radiator.


Oiling should only ever be done with a food grade mineral oil.  Do not use olive oil, or any other type of oil for this.  When oiling you should also oil the ends of your chopping board, and the underside.  As your board has been air dried to save the environment, we recommend getting into the habit of giving it a light oil at least weekly.  As you can't over-oil your board, you can oil it more frequently if you like.  If your board exhibits dryness or starts to develop fine cracks, then apply a heavier coat of oil and leave to dry overnight- again, special attention should be given to the ends of your board.  


We will have waxed your board before dispatch.  Whilst the food safe mineral oil soaks in and seals your board, the waxing process gives it an additional layer of protection and helps to repel any excess moisture.