Oak care

No dishwasher's or submerging in basins; wipe with a warm soapy cloth and wax regularly.  Don't let the 'boards sit in standing water.  Oak reacts with steel (the tannic acid which gives Oak it's antibacterial properties corrodes steel) so please avoid sitting metal tins and objects on the Oak for prolonged periods.   

Oak's Anti-bacterial Properties: 

All of our creations are made from air dried Oak.  As well as being carbon neutral (kiln drying timber is one of the lesser known contributor to our current carbon climate crisis) Oak is high in natural antibacterial properties

Our Beeswax Board Butter:

Named after my Daughter; our own brand Rosha's Beeswax board butter will protect and nourish your board.  Made from a combination of food grade beeswax and food-safe mineral oil, it will protect your investment for years to come.