independently minded? partner with us. 

An Independent Ethos:

Going against the grain, we decided to eschew the current trend towards selling, instead only choosing to work with small independents who share our passion abut handmade, high quality products which are built to last.  


Sometimes, the old ways are the best.


If you are an independent who looks for timeless, functional homeware products which are handmade, we would like to talk to you.


Given the link between cheese & wine and cheese & our oak cheeseboard products, independent cheesemongers and wine merchants are also people we like to talk to (and buy from as we have a love of both cheese & wine, sometimes separately but more often together).  


We believe that the future lies in artisan producers & independent retailers working together to deliver a unique shopping experience for timeless products which are built to last.  This is the planets bet defence against throw-away, fad led products which are ordered with an impulsive key stroke online.


If you agree, get in touch and let's work together.