Chef edition large (3ft) Oak Chopping Board

Chef edition large (3ft) Oak Chopping Board

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Our Chef edition 'board is three feet long and is the prefered size of chopping board used by professional Chefs, giving you plenty real estate when preparing large meals.   This 'board has eight non slip feet to ensure airflow under the board and is a real heavy weight, weighting in at {INSERT}.        


    Size: Length 79cm-80cm

              Breadth 39cm-40cm

               Thickness 4.5cm - 5cm 

    Note: Variation in size due to sanding and finishing.  


    • Do wash the board with warm soapy water.
    • Do oil the board regularly – you can not cause any damage by over-oiling.
    • Do store the board on a flat surface (not on its edge).
    • DO NOT leave items such as cheese on the board for long periods as the moisture can get into the wood and stains may develop.
    • DO NOT leave items made from steel, such as food cans, on the board for long periods as the steel may react with the wood causing stains to develop – stainless steel is not an issue.
    • DO NOT immerse the board in water or wash it in a dishwasher.
    • DO NOT subject the board to significant changes in temperature, e.g. by placing it on a stove or radiator.

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